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The brutal killing of #GEORGEFLOYD by the #MINNEAPOLISPOLICE in the US, drew the attention of the world once again to #SYSTEMICRACISM and white supremacy. Unfortunately, #POLICEBRUTALITY and other #HUMANRIGHTSVIOLATIONS against BLACK PEOPLE are a daily routine in various parts of the globe.

These are not isolated cases. In fact, #RACISM systematically criminalizes us, dehumanizes us, and deepens inequalities towards BLACK POPULATION worldwide. Historically, black movements and activists have denounced racist practices across different countries, highlighting how globally this reality is, going beyond US borders.

Each year, thousands of us are killed, tortured, unlawfully incarcerated, and persecuted. Many of us have our freedom of opinion threatened, face high levels of unemployment, and are not welcomed as migrants/refugees. Many of us face high levels of hunger and poverty, have our cultures denied or invisibilized, have our images and our existence satirized, demonized, or diminished.

We, as fellows of the #INTERNATIONALDECADE for #PEOPLE of #AFRICANDESCENT #IDPAD (2014-2025), proclaimed by the #UNITEDNATIONS demand that our governments, regional and international organizations, and the international community adopt effective measures to promote racial justice, respecting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of our people. The Programme of Activities of the Decade can be a powerful tool to strengthen national, regional, and international cooperation, and to secure full and equal participation of black people in all aspects of society.

We will keep fighting for #PedroGonzaga (#Brazil), #AndersonArboleda (#Colombia), #BreonnaTaylor (#USA), #ShukriAbdi (#UnitedKingdom), #ClaudiaFerreira (#Brazil), #NakieaJackson (#Jamaica), #BellyMujinga (#UK), #FritzStLouis (#Venezuela), #Aboriginals (#Australia) and many more black people facing injustice.

Lígia Batista (Brazil)

Chinelo L. Njaka, Ph.D. (US/Nigeria/UK) India-A Doris (UK) Julieth Balanta (Colombia) Michel Chikwanine (D.R. Congo/Canada) Francisco Tovar (Venezuela/Colombia) Melissa Varswyk (Guyana) Francine Berabose (D.R Congo/Australia) Fernando Chironda (Mozambique/Belgium) Stephen Amazia Dradenya (Uganda/Netherlands) Aleessandra Ramos Makkeda (Brazil)

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